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Premium Reversible USB LIGHTNING Charging Cable
100% Apple MFi Authorized Reversible USB Plug.
LIGHTNING Charging Cable.
Extra-thin anodized aluminum housings,Lightning
can unrivaled durability
Premium Dual Braided cable, Soft and suitable
* 1.5m cable length
* Super-thin metal shell, so that the interface more robust Lightning
* High quality double knitting yarns, soft and just right

Product Name: Zikko instantly quality double-sided USB Lightning data charging cable
Color: Tyrant gold / rose gold /gray
Product Type: MFi data charging cable
Dimensions: Cord length 1.5m x width 1cm
Interface Type: USB, Lightning (8-PIN)
Product Weight: 30g
Suitable for:iPad Air,iPad 4,iPad mini,iPhone 5,iPhone 5S,iPhone 5C,iPod touch 5,iPod nano 7,iPhone 6,iPhone 6S,iPhone 6 Plus.
Process and product presentation materials
Chip: Apple C48B lightning.
Thread Housing: aluminum anode
Wire material: copper core + multi + TPE + aluminum foil weave
Current: 5V / 2.4A
Data: 480M / min

Package included:
1X MFi data charging cable