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What Is Our "Pay-It-Forward" Shopping Center?

What Is Our "Pay-It-Forward" Shopping Center?



During the COVID-19 pandemic, we realized we had the opportunity to help the less fortunate by creating a system that would encourage it. Our "Pay-It-Forward" project works by encouraging the privileged to "pay-it-forward" by purchasing store items for the under-privileged. These items can then be placed in the "Pay-It-Forward" shopping center of our store for the under-privileged to claim.

If you're Privileged, please consider purchasing our "Pay-It-Forward" package. This package has everything you need to know about your privilege and why it's unfairly destroying the lives of millions of people around the world.

If you're Under-Privileged please browse our "Pay-It-Forward Shopping Center" and choose ONE FREE item that is listed. Everything in our "Pay-It-Forward" shopping center has already been paid for by our generous customers and they're FREE with the discount code you will receive if you're underprivileged. All you will pay is shipping + handling.

DISCLAIMER: Fleischman & Fleischman is not a NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION and Pay-It-Forward's are not TAX DEDUCTIBLE.