Diamond And Gemstone Tester W/ LED Indicator

Diamond And Gemstone Tester W/ LED Indicator

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  • This tester, rare in the world presently, is a special instrument that can distinguish diamond and synthetic moissanite.
  • It can distinctively distinguish real diamonds from moissanite simulants quickly and effectively.
  • And it can not tell if the Diamond is real or fake.
  • It emits different audible sounds to give a warning buzzer for metal surface, diamond, and moissanite.
  • Provides visual indicator for moissanite or diamond using 2 kinds of LED colors
  • Ten minutes after the last test, the power indicator light (green) turns off automatically and sends out the "Dudu" sound for a long time to warn the user to turn off the tester.
  • Test without damage, convenient and accurate operation
  • This tester is only to select the Moissanite from the diamond. And it can not tell if the Diamond is real or fake.
  • IF you want to know if the diamond is real or fake, what you need is the Diamond Select V2.


Item Description:
Item Type: Diamond Tester
Color: Silver
Powered by: DC 9V battery X 1 (Not included)  

Appearance size: About 160 X 40 X 21mm
Weight: About 110g

1 X Diamond Tester(Battery is not included)
1 x Protected leather bag
1 x Jewel supporter
1  x User instructions

1.Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. Please consider this before the purchase.
2.Please allow a slight deviation for the measurement data.

How to use it?
1.Push the battery lid open, put a 9V battery into the case, turn the power switch to [on], start the READY window of the tester, the green light is shown so that It can put the tester into use, the method is as follow:
2.Test the jewel inlaid: One hand holds the jewel, the other hand holds the tester, the forefinger touches the test button and triangle stainless steel on the back, the probe contacts the jeweled surface vertically presses it lightly.
3.When pressing the test button, the test result will appear immediately and disappear automatically approx. 2 seconds late.
i)If the jewel tested is moissanite, the"Moissanite" window will show red light with a continuous "Dudu" sound
ii)If the jewel tested is diamond, the "DIA" window will show the green light